Hello world!

February 13, 2011 1 comment

My Name is Vincent Beentjes, and I’m the innovators facilitators apprentice (For now). I’m currently learning to be a facilitator of Innovation, learning the robes from colleagues and from searching the web. At the moment I’ m focussed on communication and coaching.

Communication and coaching is perhaps the most important part of helping people to innovate, a part from teaching them the basic ideas behind Creative Problem Solving. I started this page to participate in a contest in writing an essay on Web 2.0 and since any entry goes, here’s my idea:

Web 2.0 should be embraced by organisations and is  to used as a tool to accommodate solution focussed management.

Now here’s the thing, I’m not skilled in the field of Web 2.0 neither in the field of solution focussed management. There is a time limit of 15 days . So how I am I to pull this off. Well that’s the thing with of Web 2.0, you’re not alone. It’s about getting connected, it’s about getting it out there, it’s about making mistakes, it’s about feedback, but most of all its about getting things done.

So this is me getting it out there, unskilled, making mistakes hoping for your feedback, and writing that essay at it goes.

(Please comment on anything you want, make your point and give an example or donate a question)