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The Seven Secrets of the Turtle

September 2, 2012 Leave a comment

The seven secrets of the turtle is a fable writen by A. Schwarz/ and R. Sweppe about a wise turtle Kurma who has found the seven secrets to a hapier life. Short stories about animals repressenting some of peoples bad habits are followed by serious talks on how to change your life to become a hapier person. These secrets are:

1) Stay calm: things are not rarely as important as they seem.
2) Slowly does it: don’t be in a hurry to accomplish life goals, take a detour now and then.
3) Constancy: Make sure you finish what you start and only start things that are really worth it.
4) Flexibilty: Adept to situation and keep learning, don’t be enprisoned by a closed mind.
5) Soberness: The less you want, the bigger the change you’ll get it.
6) Peacefullness: Open your hart to those you meet.
7) Focus on the here and now.

The book is filled with examples and paraphased examples to help you figure out how to put these secrets in to a workable form. It also has some clear excersises to help you on your way. The animal intermezzos help in making the book light reading.

I tried to translate them to business versions:
Stay calm and don’t always take the fastest route. Make sure you choose the right goals and follow through. Stay openminded to changes and new ideas. Keep you wishes in tune with your budget. Don’t get into a fight, but try and create a win-win as much as possible. And be effective doing thing in the right order (first things first), don’t get distracted about thing that were and things that might be.