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From Business Project to Your Project (Part 1)

Ok this piece took me a bit longer to write. I had to think about ‘The Flow’ a lot. The theory behind the flow is off course not mine, but the ‘how to make it into a tool’, is! So here goes, (please comment so I can make it better).

Last post I finished writing, I would write something about aspirational targets, I might get back to that, but first of all I would like to tell you how to change a business project into the project, that makes you happy. I found a way which works for me, and I would like to share.

This is me, I am a reasonably skilled control engineer and my skill matrix looks something like in the next figure (I only filled in one skill per box, don’t worry I have more).

My skill matrixSo what would it take for me to get from one box, like ‘No skill’ to another box like ‘Some skill’. It will take some learning! But what I’m skilled over skilled to do the job? I go into automatic, I don’t need to learn I just need to do the job. So, Remember the challenge vs skill picture from the last post from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi? I would how would I feel when a task is x steps out of reach/over skilled? I made a matrix out of that:

Now I made a picture that which summarizes that. Please mind that the steps are the step you are forced to take, not the steps you would want to take!

Happiness and the flowSo now let us look how do you use this? Well, lets say you have a smart business project. It has clear tasks to fulfill the goal set by the business and it is up to you fulfil all those tasks. But it’s not fit to your skills, it fit for the business objective! Some task are not within your grasp, some skills are much to easy. The figure below shows the business objective and your objective (feel good and ultimately: happy). The task that will make uncomfortable/feel bad need to change. You need to discuss this with your manager, it’s in his best interest as well!

So your manager and you need to know how to make you happy and get the project done! My next post, the second part of this story, is about solution focussed management.

Please comment, How can I make it better?

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  1. May 2, 2013 at 21:19

    This a fantastic. I was developing State of Flow tools for coaching Agile software teams and for k12 students (my hobby). I made a quick Flow Meter, but, I am going to grab yours as well and introduce them. I will cite your blog when I introduce it. Awesome stuff.

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