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Asking for feedback

Today I’m looking into asking for feedback, which contrary to giving/receiving feedback is a subject not must talked about (at least in the courses I’ve been to). But asking for feedback is vital for learning.

First off I read an article with the title: ‘You don’t give feedback, you ask for it!’ found at Geuzinge & Groeneveld( in dutch). The document is advocating that the new feedback is not about changing someone, but about people wanting to change. This is a strong mindset, and connects well with to my essay, which by the way I translated to…well.. kind of english (next to the about button).

So, how do you go about asking feedback? I found 2 articles one by Cynthia Morris and one by the UNC writing centre. I’ll give you the things I liked:

  1. Think about why you want the feedback.
  2. Where in the process to you want feedback (idea, draft, final version).
  3. Design your feedback, make it specific (Asking for a general opinion, might not be that helpful).
  4. What kind of feedback do you want? (idea vs Assignment, content, grammar, style).
  5. Think about whom to ask, everybody has a different perspective!
  6. Make very clear when you need the feedback!

Now comes the most important part of asking for feedback, to doing something with it. So here are some tips:

  1. Read ALL your collected feedback, and see if you can discover a trends.
  2. If you don’t understand the feedback ask for clarification (ask for examples).
  3. Choose! Feedback is about suggestions, in the end your responsible.

Feedback:  wordpress:1, FD site:1, Twitter: 0, Yammer:2, Email:0 LinkedIn:0, WhatsApp:1, In person:2

Network: Twitter: 7 followers, LinkedIn: 50 connections

(Please tell me, How do you ask for feedback? )


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