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Building the network I need!

Day two on my quest: filling in the gap in knowledge and skill on both web 2.0 and solution focussed management. To accomplish my goal of writing a good essay in the FD Career Challlenge(in dutch).

Looking on my stats down below it’s not going very well is it. So today I’m looking into social networking (big part of Web 2.0). I found a great article on networking: ‘The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker’, from back in the days when networking using a phone meant texting and talking. It gave me ten tips on becoming a great networker:

  1. Don’t network just to network – Well My Goal is clear.
  2. Take names! – Need some more.
  3. Build it before you need it – Flunked that one! Then again, without the internet this seems harder to do.
  4. Never eat alone – With two kids who am I kidding.
  5. Be interesting – Hmmm, getting back to this one.
  6. Manage the gatekeeper – Today’s social networks don’t have secretaries, or do they?
  7. Always ask. ‘Boldness and it’s genius, is a gift’ – Well for me it’s not a gift, so working on that one.
  8. Don’t keep score – Indeed
  9. Ping constantly – PING! back in 2003, nice I’m not very good at this, How can I develop this?
  10. Find anchor tenants – Ok, not working on that for now.
The ones I work on are 2, 5 and 7.
Take names!
I follow the article/blog/twitter trail. I think of knowledge as of water coming down from the top of the mountain, just follow the stream and you will get to the source. But, do stop and look at the river as well, it might be beautiful.
Be interesting
I’m doing this by creating a pitch to introduce myself (both links are to an excellent site by Lisa B. Marshall). The result is on my about page and was the ‘hello world’ post yesterday.
Always ask
Just being connected is not enough you need to ask, and tha’s tough. I tip I ones read was to not ask all, people won’t give you all, but don’t ask to little either, people need challenges. And belief in the fact that ‘No’, doesn’t hurt you or your relation.

Feedback:  wordpress:0, FD site:1, Twitter: 0, Yammer:0, Email:0 LinkedIn:0, WhatsApp:1

Network: Twitter: 6 followers, LinkedIn: 50 connections

(Please comment on anything you want, make your point and give an example or donate a question)

  1. peter
    February 16, 2011 at 23:25

    ik denk dat je meer (meerdere malen) moet posten op voor jouw relevante websites om mensen te bereiken die jouw van de juiste info kunnen laten zien.
    als ze jouw naam vaker zien op een forum ed. dan wekt misschien interesse en vinden ze je blog, twitter enz.

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